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Corporate Sponsorship opportunity for Dillon Germshuys Golf

I take this opportunity to welcome all sponsors onboard.

Golf at a competitive level, can be a costly exercise. There are many expenses associated with the pro tour, however, with the correct sponsor(s) onboard – this will greatly elevate my chances of success and in return, give your business greater exposure. Sports marketing will allow your business to target a wider demographic, both on and off the course.

I participate in many corporate and club events, as well as national events throughout South Africa, which is the perfect advertising platform. Branded apparel and gear such as, golf bags, golf shirts, lounge shirts, caps, umbrellas, towels etc, can significantly increase your audience reach as well as the frequency of this brand exposure. 

Your corporate ID (logo) will be highly visible on the above apparel and gear but also consider the opportunity (when available) to participate as a corporate sponsor on a particular golf day or event. Large outdoor banner advertising yields significant impact.

Apart from the branded apparel – there is the opportunity to carry this exposure across to your online/social media platforms such as your Youtube channel (videos), your website, your Facebook business page, Instagram and Twitter.


Sponsorship investment
Your return on investment will be via advertising/brand exposure only.
(Your marketing team can provide measurable data/analytics in this regard over time). 

The following sponsorship segments are listed below for consideration:

TravelVehicle rental, flights etc
AccommodationHotel, Airbnb etc
ClothingGolf shirts, caps, towels, umbrellas, shoes, lounge shirts etc
EquipmentGolf clubs, golf balls, etc

Increase your Brand Exposure via Sports Marketing.

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If you have an interest to contribute as an ongoing annual sponsor, kindly fill out the form below.